Durham is a very small and beautiful city located in County Durham, North East England. It contains some very old and historical buildings and monuments. Durham Cathedral and nearby Durham Castle has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Original image - This view of Durham Cathedral, the Old Fulling Mill and a Weir is the most popular. The Old Fulling Mill once housed Durham University’s Museum of Archaeology. The museum moved to the Palace Green back in 2013.

The image was taken back in 2010. Currently the Central Tower is being repaired and is covered up. The Cathedral is lit up by the setting late Winter sun while a deep shadow was cast on the River Wear below. The image overall lacks contrast and needs a boost. Also there is a bin and a wall that needs cropping out.

I used Adobe Lightroom to add some colour and brightness to the clouds using Radial and Graduated filters. I added a similar colour to the water reflection. The image has also been cropped. I also reduced some image noise and sharpened the cathedral a little using an adjustment brush.

I experimented with a Black & White conversion using Adobe Lightroom. I ensured there was a good contrast which works quite well. I like a combination of soft skies and harsh architecture in the same image.

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