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County Durham in North East England has some fantastic places to photograph, one such area is the coast. On a cold day in February, I visited Blackhall Rocks. I was intrigued by the patterns and shapes caused by the waves.
Location Map:
Original Images (these images have not been edited or manipulated):

This is the view of the beach at Blackhall Rocks; I am looking in the southwards direction. It is winter and the sky was quite overcast hence the image being rather dull. In the distance you can see Steetley Pier, near Hartlepool and beyond that, the industrial area of Teeside. Here is a map view of the general location:

Steetley Pier and Hartlepool Headland can be seen on the left of this image. On the right in the haze, is the various industrial area of Teeside. On a clear day, you can make it the Cleveland Hills, that are a range of hills on the north-west edge of the North York Moors in North Yorkshire.

This is the view looking north. You can see all the way up the Durham coastline, right up to Seaham and then Sunderland.

On the beach at Blackhall Rocks, I found an unusual brick. It has been weathered by the sea, hence the rounded appearance. It is certianly an interesting object.

I like the way the water interacts with the brick.

A nice collection of rocks and seaweed. It was a calm day but still enough power in the water to create some small splashes.

Steetley Pier and Hartlepool Headland in the distance. Not huge ways but you still get an idea how the coastline is being constantly sculpted by the water.

A collection of pebbles and rocks; the force of the waves causing their round shapes. I was interested by the shapes and patterns in the cliff face; I can see many faces within the rock formations.

I love the patterns and colours in this macro shot of a pebble, the material resembles concrete and brick.

This rock on the beach looks quite edible; the colours and textures resemble a cookie.

I found an old leather boot on the beach; it makes some interesting macro shots.

I think this boot has seen better days.

A small wave was captured before it hit the beach. This is one of the favourite images taken that particular day.

Exploring an Image
Using the last image above, I decided to boost the image a little more. I created two separate images:

I experimented with blurring the water to add movement.

Firstly, I corrected the slight tilted horizon and then I replaced the sky. I made sure the sky was reflected slightly in the water. I finally added a boat and made sure the boat reflected in the water slightly. I played with the overall colours and brightness levels and also added a slight blur to the top and bottom of the scene.

This exposed coastline has plenty to offer in regards to Photographs. It is recommeneded, especially in winter to wear something warm; even in summer the seabreeze can be chilly. There is plenty of wildlife to see, especially birds and insects. Blackhall Rocks does have a picnic area and the nearby Crimdon Caravan Park has car parking and also caravans to rent, etc.

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