In 2010, my partner and I spent the night at Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. We had been to see Marc Almond at The Sage Gateshead and were staying at the Hilton Hotel located nearby.

It was a very cold and wintry night even for late November with snow and ice gripping many parts of the UK. After a fantastic evening, I ventured out briefly onto the hotel room balcony to take a few pictures of the High Level Bridge.

A view of the High Level Bridge taken from the Hilton Hotel at Gateshead. Newcastle-upon-Tyne can be seen in the distance.

In hindsight, I could have composed the shot a little better, but the weather conditions were not great; snow was starting to fall and the wind was extremely cold. I quickly set up the tripod, grabbed the shot and then rushed inside with my equipment to get warm. The snow started to fall very heavily not long after this photo was taken.

The light reflecting off the clouds and falling snow created a brown tint to the sky. The whole image appears murky and lacks contrast. There are some interesting elements to the photo including the arches on the sides of the High Level Bridge and some of the lighting in the foreground.

I decided to look for a way to give the lighting, colour, contrast and overall ambience of the image a boost. I found this fantastic tutorial that shows me how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to boost cityscapes and urban environments:
The tutorial helps you control the colours, contrast, light and shadow in the image and will suit urban landscapes taken at night.

Here are the results:

After following the tutorial, I managed to boost the colours of the ambient lighting to a cool blue-green colour. I noticed the murky brown colour was also removed from the sky.

I also played with the clarity of the image. A final adjustment I did to the image was to add a slight tilt-shift blur to the image, this helps to focus more on the bridge.

I am certainly going to look at doing similar image processing to my other night images.
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