The Moon

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A closeup of the moon taken with my Nikon Coolpix P900. The camera has a moon setting which helps to focus on the moon, you even apply colour overlays via the camera settings.
Craters and other lunar features can be seen very clearly.
More textures on the lunar surface. This is the furthest I could zoom into the lunar surface. Zooming in at this level does introduce more noise into the photo; in the image above, I reduced the noise a little in Photoshop.
I used Photoshop to add a painterly effect and also a reflection.
I added a texture and also a tree silhouette to create this magical image.
I created a silhouette from a face and composed it in front of the moon. A painterly effect was applied to the moon.
Inspired by the previous image, I wanted the moon to take the shape of a face. I was also inspired by the moon represented in illustrations and stories, where the moon takes on human characteristics (Anthropomorphism).
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