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London in Motion

London in Motion

London In Motion- A Short Timelapse/Hyperlapse video from Lewis Symonds on Vimeo.

Video Description via Vimeo

I am a 18 year old student at Wellington College, Uk. Over my easter holiday I set out on making a hyper lapse/timelapse film of London, inspired by Mattia Bicchi. Check him out!
A few facts about this video:
All shots are from a period of 5 different days
The editing process took roughly 24 hours
Over the 5 days I took a total of 10,600 pictures
The final video consist of 7,500
Resulting in a video just over 5 minutes

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Panasonic Lumix DMC G6
Cannon EOS 60D

Filmed and edited by Lewis Symonds:

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