Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Do you have damaged, torn, faded or scratched photos? Do not despair, I can use the latest software to digitally restore your precious photos, I can even add colour to your photos.

I can restore at a price that you can afford with prices starting at £5.00, see below for details.

Photo Restoration Guide

The price of your photo being restored will depend on how much damage needs to be repaired; the more damage, the more time it will take to repair your image.

I would prefer that you email your high-quality scanned image(s) as this is quicker and also ensures that your precious original photo(s) remain with you. I can also scan your images using my own scanner; again I would prefer that we met in person with your image, which I can take away and scan; I can then either send the original image via first class special delivery (usually costs around £7 to £8) or I can meet you in person with your original image.

Make sure that you scan the photo using the highest quality setting of 600 or higher dpi (dots per inch). This ensures the tiniest details are captured. This guide about scanning your images is useful to read (click the link to open the webpage in a new browser tab): – the same site does offer a photo restoration service where you can post your images: – please note I am not affiliated with this site.

Whether you send an email with your image attached or we meet in person, it is always nice to read or listen to any background stories related to the picture(s) you want restoring. I can then (with your permission) share the images via my blog on this site (however I do respect privacy and will not publish images and stories without permission). Any published images will be watermarked to avoid them being stolen or used by others.

Price Guide

Note prices are per photograph. When I receive your original photo, I will inspect it and give you a quote based on the following guide:

  • Quick Fix – from £5.00 to £12.00 per photo
    Basic fade corrections – Adjusting the contrast and brightness – Basic removal of dust and scratches – Sharpening – Cropping – Removing a colour cast – Converting yellowed or sepia toned images to black & white – Red eye removal – Removing the odd small imperfection such as a spot, mole, etc.
  • Basic Fix – from £13.00 to £22.00 per photo
    Correcting minor fading (will take more thank a quick fix) – Correcting minor discoloration – Correcting slight mould or water damage – Healing small scratches or fissures. I can apply a colour tint to the final image such as sepia or any colour.
  • Intermediate Fix – from £23.00 – £37.00 per photo
    Removing deep scratches – Replacing small areas of the image missing – Removing specks of mould or water damage that cover a greater area (will take longer to restore) –  Removing paper wrinkles – Small corrections to faces.
  • Advanced – from £38 – £79.00 per photo
    This is for images that are in poor condition and contain some major defects such as: Large areas of the image missing – Large portions of the face or body that need rebuilding – Removal of objects – The removal of significant tears or folds – Removing scratches from heavy patterned or textured areas – Removing heavy mould or water damage – Recolouring a black & white photo.
  • Beyond Advanced – from £80.00 per photo
    The photo is in very poor condition which may include: Digitally stitching a photo back together, which usually means a lot of rebuilding work – A large amount of damage done by mould, scratches or tears.

The longer I take on the image, the higher the cost. For Advanced and Beyond Advanced repairs; I will inspect the photo to ensure that I can repair it; sadly extremely damaged photos may be beyond repair as it would involve me doing a lot of guesswork; if I find that this is the case, I will not repair the photo and you will not be charged.

If your image has camera shake or blurred areas, no amount of photo editing will improve the images; when I inspect the images, I will inform you directly whether an image can be restored or improved. Blown out areas and also very dark areas may not contain any pixels; where possible, these can be restored by cloning or painting over these areas.

Sending your images

You can scan your images and send them via email. I will give you my email address during our initial discussions.

There are many free services out there that allow you to email large files including:

Sending scanned images via your email account is fine if you are just sending me one or two images. Please note that email size is usually limited to 25 MB (megabytes) per email; a typical scanned image is usually between 2 to 8 MB.

Scan your images using the highest quality settings, save using highest-quality JPEG or Tiff file formats. Low-quality images that have been compressed (for example a low-quality JPEG) cannot be restored due to the image being pixelated. This guide is very useful to read (opens in a new tab):

As mentioned above, if your image needs to be scanned, I will come along and meet you or you can come to my home and discuss your images. I can either return your image in person or via first class special delivery (which can be tracked). The cost of any travel and/or post would be added to my final fee mentioned above. Please note that I will only travel when I am available as I work part time and also I can only travel via public transport or on foot. We can meet in a local cafe or public place to discuss your images.

Travel locations include:

  • Peterlee – Walk, Taxi or Bus
  • Horden  – Walk, Taxi or Bus
  • Easington  – Taxi or Bus
  • Seaham – Bus only
  • Murton – Bus only
  • Durham (and surrounding areas) – Bus only
  • Hartlepool – Bus only
  • Sunderland – Bus only
  • Middlesbrough – Bus only
  • Stockton – Bus only
  • Gateshead – Bus or Metro only
  • Newcastle – Bus or Metro only

Transporting your images

Keep your original dry and away from bright sunlight. It is best to store your images in an A4 or A5 envelope with a piece of stiff card over the photograph to protect it (the ‘Do not bend’ envelopes that contain a hard cardboard back will work nicely). Do not fold your photograph (this will add to the cost of the repair). If I need to post back your original images, I will ensure that they are well protected.

Payment Processes

Once repair work on your photo has been completed, I will send by email with a proof of the photo attached for you to inspect. The proof photo will be watermarked, which will be removed from the final version. If you are happy with the work, I will invoice you and also send you instructions on how to pay. For security, I request that PayPal is used to send payment as this is quick, easy and secure; also, it avoids sharing bank account details directly.

The invoice will contain a link to pay securely with your credit or debit card (you do not need to have a PayPal account to do this). Obviously, to reassure you that you are receiving a genuine email, the email will contain my contact details, your name, etc.

Once payment has been received, I will send you the final image without the watermark via email. I can also send the file(s) by post on a DVD disc (although this will cost a little extra).