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Private Tutoring

£20 for 1 hours tuition,
£40 for 2 hours tuition

I offer private tutoring to those who would like to learn IT, Photography or the Internet in a one-to-one setting. I also offer more formal courses.

Subjects that I cover

  • Learn the basics about your laptop/desktop.
  • Learn the basics about your tablet/smartphone.
  • Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • Internet and Email.
  • Image editing (including learning how to use Photoshop).
  • Digital Photography basics.
  • Learn how to use your version of Windows.
  • Learn how to setup your hardware such as your printer (including how to change your ink cartridges, clean your printer, etc.).
  • Online safety.
  • Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Use the Contact Me link at the top of the page or click here if you are interested.

One-to-one Private Tutoring

This is ideal if you want to learn at your own pace in your own home. Arrangements can be made for you to visit my home for tuition. All this can be arranged during our initial discussions.

  • 1 Hour – £20
  • 2 Hours – £40

Block bookings

If you prefer, you can pay for a block of 1 or 2-hour lessons. Payment can be made in advance up to 10 weeks.

1 hour long lessons – £20 per lesson:

  • 2 lessons – £40
  • 3 lessons – £60
  • 4 lessons – £80
  • 5 lessons – £100
  • 6 lessons – £120
  • 7 lessons – £140
  • 8 lessons – £160
  • 9 lessons – £180
  • 10 lessons – £200

2 hour long lessons – £40 per lesson:

  • 2 lessons – £80
  • 3 lessons – £120
  • 4 lessons – £160
  • 5 lessons – £200
  • 6 lessons – £240
  • 7 lessons – £280
  • 8 lessons – £320
  • 9 lessons – £360
  • 10 lessons – £400

I will keep track of any lessons you have done and how many lessons are left covered by your payment.

If you feel you have had enough lessons; I will refund you (deducting the lessons you have attended).

Locations I can offer tuition

Please note I travel by public transport (buses or taxi). I will need to work around bus times, etc. Below are some general locations and I have included the methods of travel.

  • Peterlee – Walk, Taxi or Bus
  • Horden  – Walk, Taxi or Bus
  • Easington  – Taxi or Bus
  • Seaham – Bus only
  • Murton – Bus only
  • Durham (and surrounding areas) – Bus only
  • Hartlepool – Bus only
  • Sunderland – Bus only
  • Middlesbrough – Bus only
  • Stockton – Bus only
  • Gateshead – Bus or Metro only
  • Newcastle – Bus or Metro only

If possible, a lift to a bus station or bus stop on the bus route would be well appreciated, especially during evenings.

Payment Methods

I will accept cash (you will be given a receipt), especially if you are booking a one-to-one session.

If you are wanting a block booking or course, you can either pay me in cash or you can use PayPal, which offers a secure way of paying online using your credit or debit card. Click the green button below if you wish to pay via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account).


Use the Contact Me link at the top of the page or click here if you are interested in any one-to-one sessions or want to hire me as your course tutor.

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