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Camille Seaman – Storm Chaser and Photographer

Camille Seaman – Storm Chaser and Photographer

Storm chasing has really taken off over the last decade or so, perhaps due to technology making it easier to capture storms either as video or photographs. The internet plays a big role because it has made it easier to stream live footage of storms, this can be great for people who have an interest in weather but more importantly it can help save lives. Technology means that a single thunderstorm can be tracked from its birth to its death.

Despite all of the technology, the weather will remain unpredictable; technology cannot predict where lightning will strike or how long a tornado will stay on the ground.

One person I have just found out about is Camille Seaman, she is inspired by her grandfather. In the video below, she quotes:

When I was a little girl, my grandfather took me to sit outside in the sun on a hot summer day. There were no clouds in the sky. And after a while I began to perspire. And he pointed up to the sky, and he said, “Look, do you see that? That’s part of you up there. That’s your water that helps to make the cloud that becomes the rain that feeds the plants that feeds the animals.”

Her photographs are amazing and awe inspiring to say the least. To actually be underneath these huge storms must be amazing; at least technology allows Camille to show what she has witnessed and seen, simply amazing.

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More about Camille Seaman here: www.camilleseaman.com