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The Branch (2.5D Parallax)

The Branch (2.5D Parallax)

The Branch (2.5D Parallax)

The above video animation shows a 2.5D Parallax effect where the subject and the background move in different directions and at different speeds. This is the very first attempt and does need some refinement such as trying different speeds, directions, etc.

The part of the process that takes the most time is the selection of the branch in the foreground, this can be done via different methods including the pen tool or quick selection tool, which ever works best.

This video will show you how to create the effect using selections and Photoshop’s built in video editor:

This will not work with every image you have but certain landscapes or subjects with a large background behind them would work quite well.

Crook Hall and Gardens

Crook Hall and Gardens

Website: crookhallgardens.co.uk

When you visit Durham City in North East England, plan a visit Crookhall and Gardens. (Twitter: @CrookHall).

The gardens are full of history with little secluded areas, beautiful flowers and ornamental sculptures and statues.

You can also visit the The Medieval Hall which is the oldest part of Crook Hall.

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the years. You can also view the photos in the Crook Hall Flickr Album via this link: www.flickr.com/photos/dominart/albums/72157621877348020

Crook Hall House