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Photo Histogram Explained

Photo Histogram Explained

One of the most important tools within photography and photo editing is the Histogram, yet it is one of the most misunderstood, what do all those peaks and lines mean?

Well, this set of resources are very useful and have helped me learn more about the Histogram and get the most out of it:

Start with this video:

As the video mentioned, the histogram helps display the tonal values in your image and can help you recognise when an image is underexposed, overexposed or somewhere in between. This next video shows how to use the histogram to get perfect exposure:

Next give these web resources a read, they explain how to read the histogram and use it when taking your photos:

Do not worry if you are still struggling with the histograms, this video will also help you further:

Doing some practical exercises with your camera will help you learn more about the histogram. Take a few practice shots and load them into Photoshop or similar and look carefully at the histogram for each image. If you own a camera that displays a histogram while you are taking the photo, use it to expose the photo.

Happy shooting 🙂