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These pictures of hoverflies were taken whilst doing Macro shots in my garden. They are interesting insects that will come up and hover near you, they look like they are staring at you, which I would like to think they are.

The following shots are taken with my Nikon P900 Camera which a Macro Filter screwed onto the lens.

I love how the wings are blurred which indicates how fast these insects move their wings to hover in one place.

The first two pictures show the same hoverfly at different angles. This particular hoverfly was doomed as a robber fly snatched it out of thin air and flew off with it. This happened within seconds of me taking the photos.

Robber flies (Asilidae family) are true flies that prey on other insects for food. They have disturbing dining habits too; they pierce their victim’s body with a sharp proboscis and then inject paralysing saliva into it. The saliva contains enzymes which digest the prey from the inside out.; they literally suck out the resulting soup, nice!!!

More about Hoverflies here: www.uksafari.com/hoverflies

More about Robber Flies here: www.uksafari.com/robberflies

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Crook Hall and Gardens

Crook Hall and Gardens

Website: crookhallgardens.co.uk

When you visit Durham City in North East England, plan a visit Crookhall and Gardens. (Twitter: @CrookHall).

The gardens are full of history with little secluded areas, beautiful flowers and ornamental sculptures and statues.

You can also visit the The Medieval Hall which is the oldest part of Crook Hall.

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the years. You can also view the photos in the Crook Hall Flickr Album via this link: www.flickr.com/photos/dominart/albums/72157621877348020

Crook Hall House